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At Pat Cochran's, after Liccione finished the artwork. Liccione delivered the finished the bas-relief sculptures.

Pat Cochran and helpers framed and poured the concrete blocks /columns to serve as a type of frame for the Jim Liccione art, (the bas-relief panels). 


At Pat's - Liccione delivered the finished artwork, Zora Memorial bas-relief sculpture panels - Liccione then sealed and cemented them onto the columns.

Looking for information about Pat's Shadetree Studio? Shadetree Studio   in Ft. Pierce, FL "I make molds and cast bronze for other artists, restoration, and an array of specialty work." - Pat Cochran, sculptor and owner of Shadetree Studios foundry.

On location at 17th Street, Fort Pierce, Florida. The panels were lifted by truck to the location. Jim is analyzing the plan.


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Zora Neale Hurston Memorial The Stately Beautiful Remembrance of a Special Life by James Liccione